Peach Garden CNY Million Dollar Yu Sheng in a Dome & Mala Seafood Pen Cai for a Huat Year

From 5 January to 28 February 2021, have a Huat Chinese New Year at Peach Garden with new festive dishes and treasure sets.

Go big with the “Heng Heng” Million Dollar Yu Sheng 百万捞生, featuring a giant golden dome to be smashed open to reveal the auspicious character 旺 (wealth) over a bed of Yu Sheng ingredients as well as big sweep tickets for a chance to huat this year!

The Yu Sheng is only available for dine in and in two sizes – Small ($168++ for four pax) and Large ($268++ for eight pax). There is also a non-beef option with Australian scallops in place of Wagyu Beef too.

You can also get the traditional lo hei such as the Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng 烟熏三文鱼捞生 and Golden Abalone Yu Sheng 金鲍仔捞生.

Spice up the Lunar New Year with Peach Garden’s Premium Mala Seafood Pen Cai 麻辣海鲜盆菜, lavished with premium ingredients like Lobster, Red Grouper, Sea Cucumber, Australian Scallop, Live Prawn, Fish Maw, Tien Shin Cabbage, Gluten Puff, Radish and King Oyster Mushroom in a delicious Mala gravy. The sauce comes with tolerable spiciness and is actually quite numbing and flavourful.

Some other highlights from the CNY A la Carte menu and sets include the Double-boiled Essence of Chicken Soup with Stuffed Fish Maw 京汤炖酿鱼鳔, Roasted Golden Suckling Pig 金碧辉煌 and Double-boiled “Tang Yuan” with Eight Treasures and Tian Shan “Bird’s Nest” 八宝天山雪燕炖汤圆.

You can also get Peach Garden’s new year goodies from their E-shop too!

All Peach Garden restaurants are open throughout Lunar New Year, including the first and second day of Lunar New Year (12 and 13 Feb). Reservations can be made here.

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