Red Sparrow at Dempsey Hill – Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant for Pho, Stuffed Pancake & Coffee

Vietnamese cuisine has so much more to it than pho and banh mi.

Located in Dempsey Hill, Red Sparrow serves a wide range of authentic Vietnamese food as well as Vietnamese coffee!

Tuck into the signature Banh Xeo, featuring crispy Vietnamese pancakes loaded with a medley of ingredients such as mushrooms, prawns, braised pork. mung beans and bean sprouts; a comforting bowl of Bun Bo Hue comprising of several meat varieties in a flavourful bone broth soup; and Bun Thit Nuong which comes with cold rice vermicelli and tasty flame-grilled Berkshire Pork.

Classic dishes include the Banh Mi Bo Nuong (stuffed with lettuce, cucumber, coriander, homemade mayonnaise, Vietnamese chilli, pickled carrots and lemongrass Sliced Beef) (There are up to seven different Banh Mi to choose from!) and Goi Du Du, a tangy and refreshing plate of shredded green papaya, accompanied with grilled tiger prawns and condiments like sweet fish sauce.

Red Sparrow

11 Dempsey Road, #01-18, Singapore 249673

Tel: +65 6776 6118

Daily: 11AM – 11:30PM


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