Persea – Low-carb Restaurant and Bar serves bold Mediterranean dishes & Zero-sugar Cocktails (Ann Siang Hill)

Persea (pronounce per-say-ah) is a newly opened restaurant this January in Ann Siang Hill. With a menu offering of low-carb and high fat dishes as well as zero-sugar cocktails, look forward to a guilt-free dining experience and interesting food combinations put together by Chef Jason and team. This season, indulge in a Mediterranean theme dinner, heavily influenced with the use of spices, nuts, seeds and oils. The menu will also rotate every four months, with the upcoming one in April to be featuring Asian-fusion dishes.


We began with some small plates to complement our cocktails.

Admittedly, we momentarily forgot about the low-carb rule here and were expecting the usual artery-clogging pork crackling. Instead, the Chicharrones $6 which arrived, was an interesting snack of puffed pork skins which tasted as healthy as it looked, without the greasiness but filled with the aroma of pork.

Fans of olives might be interested to get the Spiced Olives $8 – My partner polished this within minutes.

The Cauli-hummus $10 and Eggs Muhammara $14 were delicious. The latter is a rendition of the usual shakshuka, with capsicum and walnut as the base instead. The dish is then torched to give it a light crispy layer.

Another favourite of ours is the Greek-style Burratina $24. The combination of stretchy mozzarella and molten Stracciatella and cream (as we sliced it apart) was a sight to behold and well-paired with the tangy, colourful side salad of san marzano tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, red onions, chopped oranges, kalamata olives, and a touch of curcuma salt.

The showstopper of the night is probably the Calamari $24 which easily won our hearts over with its ultra tender meat cooked in a homemade blend of zhug, coriander and chorizo fats.

Even the Barramundi $28 did not disappoint. Imported from Australia, the fish features a thicker skin which gives it more bite. The saffron beurre blanc that accompanied the fish was velvety smooth and rich with a tinge of sweetness.

Meat lovers may indulge in their signature Pork Belly $24 and Lamb Rump $8 (served with a generous portion of mint chermoula).

Meanwhile, add on some greens like the Brussels Sprouts $16 and Asparagus $18 to your meal. The nutty crunchy nature of the asparagus was paired with creamy mint goat cheese and loads of spiced almonds for that extra nuttiness.

Dessert was an interesting slice of Rosemary Basque Cheesecake $16 made with three kinds of cheeses – cream cheese, camembert and blue cheese.

The texture was slightly firmer for a Basque cheesecake and the blue cheese taste stood out rather prominently. As someone who rarely eats blue cheese, I find this surprisingly enjoyable. The sweet raspberry sauce on the side helps to balance the taste as well.

For those who love a blue cheese-kind of cake, you can savour it straight with the crackers on the side. Otherwise, you can also take a whiff of the rosemary and let the aroma sink in while you chew on the cake.

That sums up the three interesting way of enjoying a cake.

Overall, Persea has amazed us with their homemade sauces and bold flavours in each dish; the burratina and calamari are truly indelible. Alongside with the idea of a low-carb concept, it’s a relief to know we could go all out for a dinner here.


23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703

Tel: +65 8138 3217

Mon to Sat: 5:30PM – 10:30PM

Closed on Sun


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