Modori Singapore – Inoble coated Korean cookware built for quality cooking & easy cleaning

Korean brand, Modori, offers a range of kitchen essentials that are both functional and aesthetic.

From cookware and egg pans to modular dishes, cutting board and silicon containers, discover sleek modern products built for quality cooking and storage.

Modori’s signature Goodle Collection is your best kitchen pal to begin with. Forget about coated cookware, stainless steel cookware, and cast iron cookware because the Goodle Collection embodies all the above qualities. It comprises a special Inoble coating (a kind of patented oil road method) that makes it about seven times thicker and more durable than usual coated pans. Besides the stronger non-stick effect, it is also more scratch resistant and easier to clean after use.

Another great feature of Goodle is that the pans are rivet-free, meaning you won’t find visible screws on the inside of the pot fastened to the handle (where food leftovers can get stuck at). Moreover, the handles are made from the wood of the Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree, making it easy to grasp.

Made with only high-purity aluminium and PFOA-free (chemical-free), these cookwares can be used on various stoves such as gas stove and induction cooker.

Under the Goodle Collection, there are the Square Egg Pan $44.80 (U.P. 56), 18cm Saucepan (with lid) $74.80 (U.P. $93.50), 28cm Wok $59.80 (U.P. $74.80), 24cm Frying Pan $54.80 (U.P. $68.50) and 24cm Frying Pan Lid $19.80 (U.P. $24.80).

The saucepan and frying pan are great for cooking bigger portions given its depth. Pans are slightly on the heavier side but rather sturdy and cooks the food much better compared to the previous pan I am using. The egg pan, on the other hand, seems ideal for sauces and accompaniments. I would also love to try it with egg omelettes.

Overall, I am really pleased with the looks and quality of Modori. Looking back at the old non-stick pans I have used and discarded, they pose a common issue in cleaning difficulty and are easily scratched too. Now, with these new long-lasting additions, I am looking forward to whipping up more tasty creations!

Modori Singapore


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