Bee Cheng Hiang – New Applewood Iberico Mooncake & Bakkwa Floss Mooncake for this Mid-Autumn Festival

Bee Cheng Hiang’s selection of Bakkwa mooncakes certainly got us excited!

Presented in an exquisite box featuring a Chinese-style door, it opens to their signature Bakkwa Mooncake collection. Look forward to a series of old favourites and newcomers this year.

Signature Bakkwa Mooncake 肉干月饼 $80 (per box of four)

Baked with melon seeds, nuts and orange skin peels, the traditional mooncake embodies a modern twist with the additional of our local favourite Gourmet Bakkwa.

Applewood Iberico Mooncake 苹果木黑猪肉干月饼 $128 (per box of four)

Taking it a notch higher, the newly launched Applewood Iberico Mooncake is a combination of the exclusive charcoal-grilled Applewood Marbled Iberico Bakkwa mixed with walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, melon seeds and sesame seeds with premium lotus paste. Cast into a charcoal baked skin sprinkled with gold dust, it could possibly be the creme de la creme of mooncakes.

Signature Bakkwa Floss Mooncake 肉干肉丝月饼 $82 (per box of four)

Why not include pork floss when you can have bakkwa in your mooncake too? The birth of the Signature Bakkwa Floss Mooncake combines the best of both worlds derived from Bee Cheng Hiang’s two signature products – Gourmet Bakkwa and Pork Floss.

Bee Cheng Hiang


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