China’s Popular Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang opens in SG with signature Spicy Mala Beef Broth & Mala Ban flavour

Satisfy your Mala cravings with Yang Guo Fu‘s signature Mala Tang.

The popular China brand, Yang Guo Fu, has over 6000 outlets internationally and is famous for the Mala Tang which is available in three flavours – Spicy Mala Beef Broth (soup), Tomato Broth (soup) and Mala Ban (dry).

Diners can choose from an array of ingredients ranging from their homemade tofu, seafood balls and dough fritters to rainbow noodles and other classic Mala Tang favourites. Items are weighed accordingly and priced at $2.88 per 100 gram.

You can also choose your spice level for your bowl.

The signature Spicy Mala Beef Broth features creamy beef soup base mixed with spicy chilli flakes and chilli oil. It can get a little numbing and spicy after a first few mouths, which is then gradually balanced out with the taste of the beef. The spice level is manageable even at Extra Spicy.

Orders of the Spicy Mala Beef Broth also come with a sesame dip which adds a nutty flavour to your ingredients.

The Mala Ban, on the other hand, offers a dry version and is complemented with a side of spicy sauce that you can add in yourself. The sauce is a mix of nutty, sweet and spicy flavours.

Yang Guo Fu

233 Victoria Street Singapore 188026

Tel: +65 6970 8318

Daily: 12NOON – 9PM


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