Appam Aunty – Halal Appam with a Twist in Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands

Located at Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands, Appam Aunty offers a range of innovative crispy appam. Appam is a type of flat pancake originated from South Indian, served plain with curry on the side or with an egg cooked in the middle.

Here, Appam Aunty gets on the creative side with the sweet and savoury appam.

For sweet appam, there are interesting flavours such as Mango Sticky Rice, Red Velvet Seasalt & Caramel, Avocado, Nutella, Cempedek and Durian. Local-inspired savoury appam include choices like the signature Nasi Lemak, Mutton Satay Goreng and Golden Salted Egg Chicken.

Prices for the appam range from $2 for plain to $6 for a flavoured one.

Appam Aunty

Republic Polytechnic, North Food Court, Stall 11, 27 Woodlands Ave 9, #01-05, 737909

Tel: +65 8860 8506

Mon to Thu: 7:30AM – 3:30PM

Fri to Sun: 7:30PM – 7:30PM


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