SBCD Korean Tofu House – Exclusive Puffer Fish Stew & Cockles Bibimbap

SBCD Korean Tofu House still remains my top choice for Korean stews in Singapore. Besides the hearty stews brimming with ingredients, this June, SBCD Korean Tofu House introduces pufferfish and cockles into the menu too. As the first Korean restaurant in Singapore to offer pufferfish dishes, it is a delight to have something different from the current food scene.

Pufferfish, while known to be lethal when consumed, are now widely sourced for its prized meats so long as they are being bred and handled carefully by trained professionals. In Korea, the popular pufferfish stew (a remedy for a hangover) and pufferfish bulgogi are safely enjoyed by Koreans.


Exclusive Pufferfish Dishes

The new pufferfish creations at SBCD Korean Tofu House are the Puffer Fish Clay Pot Soup (clear/spicy) $24, Puffer Fish Jeon Gol (clear/spicy) $49.90, Spicy Puffer Fish Skin with Vegetables $19.90, Deep Fried Puffer Fish $19.90 and Puffer Fish Bulgogi $49.90.

The pufferfish texture is generally slightly firmer and bouncier than the usual fish meat. Nonetheless, it has a good bite to it and goes well with soup or when stir-fried.

Cockles Specialties

It is interesting to find cockles in Korean dishes in Singapore but SBCD Korean Tofu House surprises us with the delicious Cockles Bibimbap $24.90, Cockles Chives Pancake $19.90 and Spicy Cockles with vegetables $19.90.

I especially love the Cockles Bibimbap which comes with a generous portion of plump, juicy cockles.

There are also many other dishes worth trying from the a la carte menu!


SBCD Korean Tofu House

Tanjong Pagar Centre

7 Wallich Street, #B1-01/02, Singapore 078884

Tel: +65 6386 6441


Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-114, Singapore 039586

Tel: +65 6873 6441




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