House of Kueh – Local Soon Kueh specialist in Jurong offers three handmade varieties for islandwide delivery

Local brand, House of Kueh, is a humble store tucked away at International Business Park in Jurong. Specialising in soon kueh, each dumpling skin is crystal thin and chewy while loaded with ingredients. There are three soon kueh varieties – Classic, Bamboo Shoot with Pork and Kimchi with Pork.


Classic Soon Kueh (12 pieces/set) – $18

Spinach Skin Bamboo Shoot with Pork Soon Kueh (6 pieces/set) – $15

Kimchi with Pork Soon Kueh (6 pieces/Set) – $16

Mix (3 pieces of classic + 3 pieces of bamboo shoot with pork soon kueh) – $12

It’s interesting to find a Korean version soon kueh, comprising a spicy medley of crunchy kimchi and sliced pork. The one with spinach skin is equally visually-appealing and appetising as well.

Look out for exclusive dishes limited to certain days. I notice that they had the Penang White Curry Noodle $9.90 on Wednesdays and Signature Penang Prawn Noodle $9.90 on Fridays. Do check out their order sheet for more details too.

The Penang White Curry Noodle comes in a generous portion with thin vermicelli and yellow noodles. It’s topped with green beans, chilli, fish cake, boiled egg and this chicken with really succulent meat.

House of Kueh

3A International Business Park Road, #01-06, Singapore 609935

Order via WhatsApp +65 81199538 or


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