Toast Box – 16th Anniversary Boluo Buns, Ice Soy Milk Coffee, fiery Sambal Sauces & Toast Spreads

Toast Box celebrates its 16th anniversary this year with a series of new line-ups and exciting house products.

Introducing four irresistible anniversary creations, they are

Mighty Boluo [$5.50 or $6.20 (U.P. $7.40) with Ice Soy Milk Coffee Set] – Clasped between the golden crusty buns, savour a cheesy and juicy fried chicken chop slathered with in-house sambal mayonnaise, sliced Japanese cucumbers and tomatoes.

Luncheon Meat Boluo [$4.50 or $5.40 (U.P. $6.40) with Ice Soy Milk Coffee Set] – Fans of luncheon meat can indulge in this tasty alternative rendition.

Kopi Teacake $1.90 – Dig into this light coffee-infused chiffon layered cake with coffee vanilla filling between coffee sponge.

Ice Soy Milk Coffee $2.90 – Toast to a cuppa made from a blend of all-natural, homemade soy milk and Toast Box’s Nanyang coffee.

From 11 October to 15 November 2021, enjoy a special Buddy Meal Promotion at $16 for all dine-ins.

Buddy Meal A comes with one Mighty Boluo, one Luncheon Meat Boluo, two Ice Soy Milk Coffees and two Kopi Teacakes while Buddy Meal B comprises one Boluo, one Asian Delight Set and two Kopi Teacakes.

Don’t miss out on Toast Box’s array of fiery sambal sauces, ready-to-cook pastes and signature spreads.

Spice up your meal with these tantalising sambal sauces – Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli sauce, Shrimp Sambal sauce and Sweet Spicy Belacan Chilli sauce – that are bound to tickle taste buds.

The Asian Delight Pastes ($5.50 each) come in four familiar flavours – Curry Chicken, Laksa, Mee Rebus and Mee Siam – perfect for whipping up delicious asian dishes at home.

Look forward to morning toasts spread with the Toast Box’s proprietary Nyonya Kaya and Hainanese Kaya with Honey spread. Also, add on $9.90 to grab home a pack of Nanyang Coffee Powder 250g to make your own aromatic cuppa.

Toast Box


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