Yakiniku-GO – Japanese Grilled Meat Bentos from $9.80. Delivery and takeaway options available.

Yakiniku-GO, a quick service pork free concept, has recently opened a second outlet at Jurong Point as well as islandwide delivery for their bentos.

Tuck into these delicious meat-loaded bentos, ranging from $9.80 to $19.80.

There are 12 different choices and you can take your pick between beef or chicken, or a combination of both proteins. Options include the Karubi with Kinshi Tamago Jyu $9.80, Karubi & Negi Shio Chicken Jyu $12.80, Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu $16.80 and more.

Each bento also comes with a side of kimchi and edamame.

Furthermore, pair it up with a bowl of silky smooth Chawanmushi $2.20 (recommended!) or Seaweed Soup $1.70.


Order Here: https://order.yakinikugo.com.sg/en_SG

Island-wide Delivery from $5 ~ $12 with $40 minimum order.
Free delivery for orders above $120.

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