Ryu Taro Yakitori & Izakaya Bar is offering 50% off Yakitori Skewers & $10 Ramen Top-up for a limited time period (Neil Road)

Ryu Taro Yakitori is offering 50% off their yakitori skewers for a limited time. Available for delivery and takeaway, enjoy four skewers for the price of two ($11.50, U.P. $23) and six skewers for the price of three ($17.25, U.P. $34.50). Meanwhile, add a bowl of Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen at only $10 (U.P. $14.84).

Choices for the yakitori comprise the following:

– Beef Slice with Enoki (Gyu Enoki Maki)
– Chicken Thigh (Momo)
– Chicken with Leek (Negima)
– Chicken Liver (Chigimo)
– Pork Slice with Leek (Buta Negi Maki)
– Pork Slice with Enoki (Buta Enoki Maki)

Other dishes on the menu include Bentos, Charcoal Grilled items, Steaks, Stews and Appetizers.

Featuring: Bento Set B with garlic fried rice, beef asparagus roll, beef enoki roll, beef negi roll, edamame and cabbage

Ryu Taro Yakitori

Order Here: https://ryutaroyakitori.oddle.me/en_SG

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