Starbucks unveils new meatless pastries for a guilt-free all-day indulgence

Starbucks has recently added two new meatless pastries to its menu.

Truffle Meatless Beef & Mushroom Puff – Sink your teeth into the flakey buttery pastry which features a tasty truffle-infused filling of chopped mushroom and Impossible beef. The combination is simply spot-on with a portion size perfect for a light afternoon snack.

Curry Meatless Chicken Pie – This hearty chicken pie contains Harvest Gourmet meatless chicken chunks cooked with potato and curry stuffed within a lattice pie crust. The meat tasted unbelievably like an actual chicken, though slightly tougher in texture.

And of course, at Starbucks, we don’t leave without their signature Frappuccino and and cakes. Hands up for a slice of the Coffee Tiramisu!



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