Kahuna Acai by Radio DJ Darren Wee opens at AMK Hub with Homemade Acai, Granola & Nut Butter

Kahuna Açai, the brainchild of Power 98 Radio DJ and F&B entrepreneur Darren Wee, opens at AMK Hub on 19 December 2021.

The humble, dairy-free superfood kiosk offers a range of nutritious treats from signature Acai bowls, overnight oats and shakes to homemade granola and nut butter. Resembling a beach, the interior decor boasts a cheery Hawaiian-theme design that sets the mood for a quick fix.

What sets Kahuna Açai apart from the rest is their commitment in creating their own products, i.e. granola and vegan nut butter, and using ingredients from sustainable farms. Fancy what you are having in your cup? The granola packs and nut butters used in the menu are also retailed in-store.


The Signature Acai is priced at $9.50 for a regular cup and $14.50 for large.

Taking centre-stage is the Kahuna, brimming with earl grey infused açai, fresh chopped fruits, almonds, coconut flakes and your choice of homemade granola and drizzle. The acai is well-blended without the grainy aftertaste, icy yet doesn’t melt fast. Taste-wise, it’s not very sweet and the nut butter is pleasantly smooth and not overwhelmingly nutty. The granola is oven-toasted and mixed in-house with chewy dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

I like that each component is distinct by itself. I have had acai that melts too fast or is served in a flat container, which results in the various ingredients coming together after a few stirs. And fortunately, Kahuna Acai’s version is not like this.

Another highlight to go for is their sorbet-acai cup where about half of the cup is filled with sorbet. The Maui and Waikiki comes with Coconut sorbet and Yuzu sorbet respectively. It adds an interesting and refreshing touch to the overall taste.

Kahuna Acai

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-03A AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

Tel: +65 9136 1361

Daily: 10AM – 10PM

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Kahuna.Acai/

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