I SeL-Fish at Causeway Point Food Republic – Affordable Spicy Chongqing Grilled Fish Below $20

Looking for affordable chongqing style grilled fish in Singapore? Food Republic at Causeway Point has a new stall called I SeL-Fish which offers just that! Here, you can find wallet-friendly grilled fish served in a hot skillet.

The fish comes in three sizes (half without tail $9.80, half with tail $10.80 and whole fish $19.80). So, even single diners can enjoy a meal by him/herself. There are eight different preparation styles, namely Fresh Green Pepper, Spicy, Garlic, Tomato, Sichuan Pickled, Sour & Spicy Golden Soup and Mushroom.

For half fish, the set comes with two sides and a rice, whereas for whole fish, it comes with four sides and two rice. The sides are fixed. However, you can choose to add on other sides like Enoki Mushroom, Sliced Lotus Root and Chinese Cabbage at $1 each.

I tried their half fish in spicy flavour. The portion was decent, though the fish has many small bones. The spice was tolerable and it was not too numbing.

There is not a lot of places that offer a one person portion grilled fish. If you are in the neighbourhood with a craving, I SeL-Fish is here for you!

I Sel-Fish

1 Woodlands Square, Food Republic, #04-01/02/03/04, Singapore 738099

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