Monga Singapore – New Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Sets with Onsen Egg & Egg Drop Soup

Have a taste of Taiwan with Monga Singapore’s newly launched Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Sets ($15-16.50). Within each rice bowl, savour the delicious pork belly doused in tantalising braised sauce, wondrously paired with homemade preserved vegetables, onsen egg, crunchy lettuce and Japanese pearl rice.

Included in each set is some sour and spicy chilli sauce and a comforting bowl of egg drop soup too.

A range of sides is available to complete the meal. Choose from finger snacks like sweet potato fries and chicken nuggets to heartier options such as Monga’s signature crispy chicken.

New this season is the Fruity Tea series. Cleanse your palate with a refreshing cup of Roselle Tea with Rainbow Jelly or Lime Tea with Rainbow Jelly, at an additional $1.90 (with any order of Taiwanese braised pork rice sets) or a la carte at $4.50.

From 1 March 2022 onwards, look forward to another new item – Taiwanese Braised Pork with Mashed Potatoes $5.90 – which features the tender braised pork belly with silky smooth mashed potatoes.

Monga Singapore


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