On’Lee Artisan Bakery – Matcha Cream Puff, Flavoured Croissants and Bread in Woodlands MRT Station

On’Lee Artisan Bakery is a hidden gem within Woodlands MRT station. It offers a range of baked goods, from flavoured croissants and matcha/chocolate cream puffs to buns, scones and loaves.

The matcha cream puffs are priced at $6.60 for a box of four and comprises thick matcha-infused cream filling.

They are almost sold out when I arrived at 8PM on a weekday.

On another day, I returned for more of their baked goods!

The Tuna Cheese Danish was a surprise with generous tuna filling.

I am also pleased with the Matcha Croissant, Garlic Cheese Croissant and Bread and Butter Pudding. The croissants are flaky at the edges and buttery within, while elevated by the respective toppings.

On’Lee Artisan Bakery

Woodlands MRT Station Exit 7, Singapore 730900

Tel: +65 6908 7069

Website: https://www.facebook.com/onleebakery/

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