House of Amber Nectar launches Lager with Mango Passionfruit Enhancer & Hard Seltzer – Son of a Peach!

Local brand, House of Amber Nectar, launches two exciting and refreshing alcoholic beverages to beat the scorching heat. Adding to its growing range of alcohol and spirits are the AN Lager with an interesting first-of-its-kind enhancer ($3.70 per 330ml bottle) and the fizzy AN Hard Seltzer – Son of a Peach ($4.50 per 30ml bottle).

Speaking of the AN Lager, it carries a unique add-on (in mango passionfruit flavour) attached to its bottle neck. The new feature allows consumers to savour the drink in two ways, firstly in its original taste and then after adding in the enhancer, a fruitier aftertaste. The enhancer is also sweetened with stevia – a healthier alternative to sugar.

Find these two creations on House of Amber Nectar’s e-store, online platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10, as well as bars and restaurants in Singapore such as Beer Factory.

Amber Nectar


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