Revive Singapore – Healthy Snacking with crunchy Granolas, Overnight Oats and creamy Nut Butters

Local brand, Revive, is an online store that offers nutritious crunchy granolas, overnight oats and natural nut butters. Discover great taste from these wholesome snacks which are centred around healthy, quality ingredients like oats, nuts and seeds.

Revive’s range of granolas $14.90 include flavours like Matcha, Earl Grey, Chocolate, Maple and Honey. Each granola piece is also mixed with a variety of nuts and seeds and/or puffed rice. Be rewarded with a flavourful bite that’s undeniably crunchy and addictive. They can be simply savoured on their own or dunk in a glass of milk for an extra dose satisfaction.

Where overnight oats $18.90 are concerned, I like mine with a little more taste. Revive’s version of overnight oats come with freeze-fried fruits and accompaniments such as chia seeds and organic coconut. These are particularly enjoyable, with some sweetness from the fruits coupled with the added natural sweetener, Lakanto. Preparation is also very easy, where I only need to add 200ml of milk/milk-alternative to the 50g content, mix and fridge overnight, and then it’s ready to be eaten the next morning!

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Revive’s nut butters (from $10.90) are dry roasted and contain no added sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils and palm oil. Spread a spoonful of that lusciously thick and creamy nut butter over toast or into smoothie bowls. Its earthy and rich taste is sure to satisfy ardent nuts lovers.

Get fun and experimental. Make your own granola parfait with these nutritious items!

Revive Nutrition Singapore

Tel: +65 6717 4239


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