BakeFresh Studio – Mooncake Mantou Making Class with super cute moon bunnies

This Saturday, I am back at Bakefresh Studio for the Mooncake Mantou making class. With Mid-Autumn festival just around the corner, this special class came just in time for me to hone my skills in making some red bean mooncake mantou as well as the adorable edible bunnies.

The class is conducted by Taiwanese instructor Kimmy Liu, an expert baker in making super cute animal buns. Her classes are in mandarin and I found her to be really eloquent and detailed in explaining everything. She also offered several useful tips such as on yeast fermentation and the steaming process.

To get us familiarised, we began with two mooncakes, then moved on to the next three which came with the bunnies. Here, I learnt how to knead and prepare the dough before setting it into the mooncake mould. The steps are easy to pick up but for a non-baker like myself, it still requires effort and experience to perfect the shapes! The most enjoyable part of the class was when we got to making the bunnies’ face, ears and hands. Plus, they are so cute to look at too! Can’t wait to try my hands on making these at home too!

BakeFresh Studio

Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-42, Singapore 082001


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