Solis VertiVac Plus Vacuum Sealer – Advanced food sealer needed for delicate food, sous vide and marination

My kitchen has recently welcomed another family member from Solis, the first one being the Egg Boiler. The Solis VertiVac Plus Vacuum Sealer is our newest addition and boost an advanced vacuum food sealing system that can keep food fresh for up to eight hours.

The functions include

Managing the size of the vacuum bags – At the topmost compartment, the vacuum foil can be sliced to fit the size of the food item.

Manual Seal – The fuss-free sealing method allows instant sealing.

Vacuum & Seal – As the name suggests, this option completely vacuums and seals the bag.

Pulse Vacuum – For delicate items, the progress of vacuuming can be managed by the touch of the button.

Pulse Blow – Also for delicate items, this comes recommended for making air cushion bags before sealing. It helps to prevent changing the shape form of the item.

There’s also more advanced control over the strength and type of sealing which includes selection like Normal/Gentle (Vacuum), Dry/Moist (Food) and Double/Single (Weld).

Examples of moist and/or pressure-sensitive items that would greatly benefit from these are raw meats, fruits and crackers.

Food items like raw meat and seafood can also be marinated and sealed for flavour absorption as well as for sous vide cooking. Once I get the hang of what each function does, the sealing process works like a charm!

No worry for bigger items too. You can get the vacuum rolls and bags with width up to 30cm or store them in vacuum containers with the help of the suction hose that comes with the appliance.

The Solis VertiVac Plus Vacuum Sealer is compatible with the Solis Vacuum Containers. There are two versions – lunchbox and storage containers.

I got a box of three storage containers that are better suited to storing items that are liquefied, bigger or of irregular shape.

When the containers are plugged on, there are two options available.

Canister – This button allows the air to be sucked out via the air extraction hose, thus forming a vacuum.

Marinate – Also with the use of the air extraction hose, this option helps to marinate items like meat and seafood.

On top of these, I like that it keeps the food aroma in, for instance, items like kimchi.

Solis of Switzerland


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