Moge Tee Malaysia Cafe – Bubble Tea Souffle Pancake in SS15, KL

Subang Jaya has no lack of dessert parlours. And if you are looking for something to eat and quench your thirst, Moge Tee has got options for sweet and savoury souffles, alongside a list of fruit teas, bubble milk teas and cheese teas.

Originated from China, the first Moge Tee outlet opened in Guangzhou and has since expanded to over 300 outlets islandwide.

In Subang Jaya where bubble teas prevail, it is no surprise to find the Bubble Flow Souffle RM17 on Moge Tee’s menu as well. There are also fruity ones with Mango or Strawberry and an interesting Chicken Meat Floss Souffle.


The Bubble Flow Souffle served was a visually-appealing double stack pancake draped in a thick layer of smooth cream cheese. Tapioca pearls crowned the surface while an ice cream/cream(?) on the side hardly melted throughout the meal.

Despite the excitement digging into this pretty dessert, the souffle felt short of expectation with its rather eggy and firm texture. If you prefer something more like pancake-material, this might be the one for you.

The drinks, however, looked tasty.

Moge Tee


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