Sakuraco – Japanese Snack Subscription Box with seasonal treats to satisfy your monthly cravings

Discover Japan with Sakuraco, an online brand that delivers Japanese snacks straight to your doorstep.

Sakuraco offers a subscription service where you can count on a curated snack box to satisfy your monthly cravings. Each snack box includes up to 20 seasonal treats from Japan and a snack guide brochure.

This December, savour desserts featuring Hokkaido dairy like Hokkaido Cream Bread, Vitamin Castella and Chocolate Noir Cookies laced with smooth Hokkaido milk filling. In addition, indulge in crunchy snacks such as the Corn Potage Senbei and Yamaoyaji Senbei (a thin crispy biscuit). Complete the moment with some hot Matcha (and Genmaicha) tea served in Sakuraco’s exclusive Ichimatsu Sake Cup!


1 month – $37.50 per month

3 months – $35.50 per month

6 months – $33.50 per month

12 months – $32.50 per month



Worldwide delivery available.

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