Santi’s by Sarnies Group – CNY Bak Kwa Sourdough Pizza, Norcina Sausage Lasagna & Spicy Sauce Pack

Santi’s, opened by the Sarnies Group, explores open flame cooking with its range of sourdough pizza as well as this season’s newly launched homemade sauces and a cocktail collaboration with Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the auspicious Bak Kwa Pizza $28. Bite into the airy, chewy sourdough crust, crowned with flavourful toppings like San Marzano tomatoes, smoked scamorza, homemade bak kwa, sauteed leeks, fresh lychee and spicy chilli oil.

Complement the pizza with sides such as Grilled Chicken Drumsticks $21 (in four massive pieces) and a beautifully-seared Steak Au Poivre $64.

A must-try, the Norcina Sausage Lasagne $30 is made of house-made Norcina sausage and fresh pasta and interestingly, some sourdough discard and whey from their homemade ricotta, as part of the restaurant’s low-waste policy. Layered with Parmigiana Crema, smoked Scamorza and mushrooms and served with a side of tangy tomato sauce, it is a hearty yet satisfying piece.

Spice up your meal with the new Sauce Starter Pack $35 which consists of three types of homemade chilli sauces in glass jars – Chilli Crunch $15 (a fiery blend of crunchy garlic, onion and arbol chillies), Jalapeño Hot Sauce $12.90 (made of fermented jalapeños, green peppers and green bird’s eye chilli) and Mild Tomato Sauce $12.90 (infused with fermented roma tomatoes, banana chillies).


138 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068603

Mon to Fri: 11AM – 10PM

Sat: 4PM – 10PM

Closed on Sun


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