Jill’s Sausages Singapore – Healthier Choice Artisanal Sausages and Deli Meats perfect for Home Cooking

Meats like sausages, ham and bacon can be really addictive and they are your best pals for brunch, over a BBQ night out or as a pizza topping. And with that in mind, local online brand, Jill’s Sausages, decided to get down to creating a healthier version of the lot.

Jill’s Sausages offer various sausage types and flavours like Roasted Garlic, Bockwurst, Cheese Kransky, Chorizo, Sage and Fennel, and Smoked Chicken and Thyme, as well as Smoked Thick Cut Streaky Bacon and Smoked Sakura Chicken Ham.

Be assured of quality meats that are free from nitrates, nitrites and additives, while boosting a lower salt and fat content. The meats are also made in small batches and uniquely blended with spices, bringing out more taste in each bite after they are cooked.

Here’s a hearty brunch created using the meat products from Jill’s Sausages!

Jill’s Sausages Singapore

Order Online: https://jillssausages.sg/

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