BreadTalk – Mother’s Day Cake with Giant Chocolate Carnation & Yam-inspired Bakes

This season, BreadTalk celebrates Mother’s Day with its Everlasting Love collection, featuring a series of floral-inspired cakes and irresistible bakes.

The two new whole cakes are aptly named Eternal Love 香芋相爱 ($40.80 whole, $6.90 slice) and Enduring Love 莓丽草莓 ($40.80 whole, $6.90 slice). Moreover, both cakes come with a breathtaking handcrafted pastel purple and pink chocolate carnation respectively.

The Eternal Love is lavished with creamy Taiwan-imported yam filling and smooth cake pudding between layers of pillowy soft yam chiffon cake. The Enduring Love, on the other hand, comes with tangy raspberry rose coulis, strawberry mousse and cake pudding between lovely pink chiffon cake.

Meanwhile, some popular items that are making a comeback are the Yammy Croissant 香芋可颂 $2.50, Sweet Pur-tato 紫薯与你 $1.80, Yam Bun 芋头餐包 $3.80 and Blueberry Steam Cake 蓝莓蒸糕 $1.80.



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