Kek Seng Coffee Shop 格成茶室 Penang Assam Laksa & Durian Ice Kacang

Kek Seng Coffee Shop 格成茶室 is a must-stopover in Penang for its popular Penang Laksa and Durian Ice Kacang. Widely publicised by various media publications, the newspaper clippings can be found plastered on the walls the moment you step in. 

The Penang Laksa RM5 is much sweeter than I expected, with bite-size pineapple making the taste overall more refreshing. There are large sliced onions and shredded cucumbers mixed in with the soft bouncy noodles. I really love the noodles here in Penang. If you are cool with the handful of onions found within the bowl, then you might like this.

Kok Seng also serves a mean bowl of Ice Kacang with Durian Ice Cream RM5.70 which is good as a sharing portion or for a ravenous you. The bed of ice is doused in the sweet sauce and topped with chunky red beans, sweet corn, two scoops of durian ice cream and a super wobbly jelly. The combination was good and well-balanced.

I was glad that the durian ice cream turned out to be less artificial than I thought while the jelly had a texture even softer than warabi mochi.


Kek Seng Coffee Shop 格成茶室

382 & 384, Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Tel: +60 16-412 1300

Daily: 9AM – 5PM


Ambience: Free-seating.

Recommended Dishes: Penang Laksa and Durian Ice Kacang

Price: Average


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