Butter Bean Christmas – New Cold Brew Float with Udders Ice Cream and gift with a cause with Riau Candle Co & Voucher Set

Butter Bean‘s Christmas’ line-up returns with marshmallow-filled beverages, merry toasts and a new addition – Cold Brew Float.

Topped with French vanilla ice cream from local popular dessert brand, Udders, the Cold Brew Float has a balanced sweetness and bitterness, and only available as a takeaway. Other favourites include the tasty BBrulee Cinnamon Kopi/Teh Latte and Toasty Marsh-Milo/Ginger Teh.

From $6, you can pair the drinks with festive toasts like Choco-nana French Toast and PB&J French Toast.

In addition, gift with a cause this year with the exclusive BB Merry Candle & Voucher Gift Set $13.80. The set comes with a small premium soy candle from Riau Candle Co – a social enterprise that helps in women empowerment, communities and social developments, as well as a limited edition voucher pack comprising return discount vouchers with savings up to $10.

Butter Bean

Website: https://www.butterbean.com.sg/

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